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Team Translated % Fuzzy % Untranslated % Total Graph
compiz-fusion-plugins.po 1467 96.07 31 2.03 29 1.90 1527
Total 1467 96.07 31 2.03 29 1.90 1527 TotalTotalTotal
Last Update : 2008-12-15 11:19


  1. Only PO catalogs which have corresponding POT file are included in statistics.
  2. Totals count against number of messages found in PO files. For example, if, by error, translated POs have a different numbers of messages from corresponding POT, then you may observe differences.
  3. A row with red background show that corresponding team have a compiz-fusion package which contain at least one bad PO file.
  4. It is possible that summing percentages for translated, fuzzy and untranslated to go beyond 100% or be less. This is normal due to rounding errors when numbers are truncated at 2 decimals.