Estonian Partial Translations - trunk

Partially Translated PO files

These are partially translated PO files. You need to finish the translation.


Filename Fuzzy Untranslated
compiz 326 335

Totally Untranslated PO files

These files have never been translated and only POT files exists or the PO files have no entries translated or fuzzy at the moment. You need to finish the translation.


Filename Untranslated Type
ccsm 135 pot


Filename Untranslated Type
emerald 215 pot


Filename Untranslated Type
compiz-fusion-plugins 1527 pot

Obsolete Translated PO files

These PO files are no longer necessary. Its corresponding POT files have been removed. You may need to archive them for yourself and delete them from SVN.

No files available.
Last Update : 2008-12-15 11:19